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What’s Hot in Kitchen Trends

There’s something about the kitchen that just warms the heart. The smell of fresh baked cookies, warm winter stew simmering on the stove… countless hours of homework being done at the kitchen table and remnants of glue from leftover projects, family meetings and friends that have gathered… oh if the walls could talk. It’s the heart of the home and that special place where memories are made. So if you’re thinking of designing a new kitchen or just updating your space, check out these hot trends that will make your “heart” smile!

Everything from pink stoves to blue kitchen islands, we’ll see pops of color mixed throughout the entire kitchen. If you’re flavor is still white cabinetry, mix it up a bit with a colorful island, backsplash, or accent piece. You can add a little color without committing to the entire kitchen and it will give your space an updated look.

Straight lines and simple designs have led the marketplace over the past few years with the

ever-so-popular Shaker style. This year however, you’ll see even more simplicity with flat-panel doors. Shaker style will still remain a favorite. These new flat-panel doors will offer sleeker finishes and textures.

While subway tiles are not on the back burner yet, geometric shaped tiles are heating up this year. You’ll see these geometric designs not only in the shapes of the tiles, but the patterns of the designs as well. Styles like chevron, herringbone, and hexagons add interest and dimension against the straight lines of cabinetry. Subway tiles will be larger and wider this year.

Some of the new colors that are cooking up this year are navy, green, black, and dark charcoal. With jewel tones coming back in the picture, you’ll see these popping up in the kitchen too. Of course, white will still be a popular favorite for now, but you can spice it up with a pop of color just about anywhere.

From floors to countertops, its’s all about consumer-friendly products that are easy to clean and simple to maintain. Look for LVP, Luxury Vinyl Planks, to continue growing in popularity this year. It’s easy to clean, looks and feels a lot like actual wood or tile, and is extremely durable. You’ll also see larger tiles on the floors and walls with minimal grout lines, making it easier to keep clean. Speaking of easy to clean, the low maintenance of quartz countertops will dominate this year and not just on the countertops, but cascading down the sides to make a waterfall design.

Design trends for this year are really mixing things up. Instead of clean lines and soft finishes, bold and confident colors are dishing it out. When they are blended correctly, mixing different metal finishes like drawer pulls, faucets, and pendant lights can give your space personality and pizzazz.

While these are just some of the trends for 2018, these happen to be a few of our favorites. Design trends are constantly changing… out with the old and in with the new. The past few years have been all about soft, clean lines and simple designs. This year, it’s a beautiful mix of soft and bold!