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Kitchen Trends for 2021

Cabinets | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

The kitchen is the heart of the home and that special place where memories are always being made. Each year fresh ideas of how to liven up the kitchen, while allowing it to still remain comfortable and functional. What’s to expect for kitchen design in 2021? Read on to find out!        …

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Rugs and Redesigning Living Rooms

Rugs and Redesigning Living Rooms | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

A beautiful rug can be a great addition to any room. It’s a great way to tie together different pieces visually and add warmth, as well as layer a room’s decor. It can also be a pretty significant investment piece. It’s important to know which ones are the best fit for your family and how…

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New Year, New Design Trends.

New Year, New Design Trends of flooring | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

We’ve said goodbye to 2020, but not all of its design trends. Yes, some of the styles that were gaining in popularity last year will continue to trend into 2021 and for good reason. They make us feel good! So, let’s talk about what 2021 looks like… it looks like bright, bold colors, comfy and…

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Fall is in the Air

Flooring | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

One of our favorite times of the year is finally here: FALL! With fall comes pumpkins, all the cozy candles, and beautiful weather to enjoy with your family and friends. It’s also the time of year that everyone brings out all their favorite home decor. If you need a little inspiration in how to decorate…

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A Pop of Color Goes a Long Way

Blue tiles of cooktop | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

Everyone needs a little color in their life/home. It can make all the difference when incorporated into a space. It’s easy to play it safe when it comes to choosing colors for the design of your space, but that’s no fun! So whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, shower, or laundry room, step outside your comfort…

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Design Tips for Lighting

Design Tips for Lighting | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

Lighting is a beautiful way to add ambiance and design to your home, but determining the right fixture for the right space can sometimes be a challenge. It’s a question that many homeowners have, so here are some great guidelines that will help you through the process. Over a Dining Table When you’re looking for…

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Bringing the Outside In

Flooring | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

There’s something about nature that inspires us to create. It evokes our emotions and wakes up our senses. So, whether it’s the warmth of wood or the texture of stone, design a space that speaks to you. That’s right, it’s time to bring the outside in. So just how do you accomplish that? Depending on…

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Idea and Inspiration House 2018 Rustic meets Modern.

Rustic meets Modern | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

This year’s Idea and Inspiration House was ONE big house with inspirational designs: a She Shed and a Man Cave. It was the perfect marriage of soft, subtle colors mixed with rustic tones and textures. As the Feature Area for this year’s Home Show, our goal was to bring you design elements that would inspire…

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Top Design Trends for 2018

Design Trends | Haley's Flooring & Interiors

Keeping up with the latest trends and fashions can be a real challenge, so here’s a glimpse into what design experts are predicting for this year. In 2016, soft whites and crisp neutrals were setting the stage. Bolder and brighter designs made a grand entrance in 2017. This year, you will see a combination of…

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