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The Top Hardwood Flooring in Huntsville, AL

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We offer quality hardwood flooring from the brands you love, like Shaw, Anderson Tuftex, Mohawk, and more. 

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We want to help you understand what makes hardwood such a fantastic flooring option for your home!

Hardwood is an incredibly versatile flooring that can look great in various parts of your home. Bedrooms, kitchens, dens, and living rooms all look great and function well with hardwood. But there's more to hardwood than its versatility. It's also incredibly attractive. It's part of this beauty that makes hardwood such a desired flooring for homeowners across the country. Hardwood adds value to a home because it is always so incredibly sought-after.  

Hardwood offers a level of naturalism in your home that is impossible to duplicate. With each plank comes its own unique history and story to tell. Also worth mentioning, hardwood is very easy to maintain and requires only broom sweeping to continue to look great. 

If hardwood sounds right for you, browse our selection today. 

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At Haley's, we offer pre-finished and unfinished hardwood. 

Pre-finished hardwood floors come ready for installation. They are already stained and prepared for installation. Most people opt for pre-finished hardwood as it makes for an easier installation. 

Unfinished wood floors are for perfect for the DIYer or person desiring a custom job. These come unfinished and require staining and additional work before installation. 

We offer the following hardwood species: red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, white ash, hickory, or pecan.

Keep your hardwood looking great with our care & maintenance guide.
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