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Follow these tips to keep your laminate looking its best.

Daily Care & Maintenance

Laminate floors are a durable option, but basic maintenance is required to keep them looking good. The main thing to continually work at is removing dirt, dust, and other debris from your laminate floors. Said debris can scratch and scrape your laminate. 

Invest in a broom and put it to use daily. You could also use a vacuum cleaner, but be wary of using one with a beater bar. Each person will develop their own method for cleaning their laminate floors. 

You can also damp mop your floors, but don't use too much water as it could cause warping or damage to your laminate. 

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Dealing With Laminate Spills & Stains

Laminate floors are tough on spills and thus, they are not especially vulnerable to stains. When and if a spill occurs, the key is to act fast and wipe it up with a cloth or towel to avoid lingering damage. You may opt for a laminate floor cleaner is useful in removing marks or scuffs, but always pretest any new substances before using them on your floors. 

Laminate is a great flooring for families because they are so easy to maintain. 

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